Supercar Series: Shayton Equilibrium

Supercar Series: Shayton Equilibrium

Shayton Equilibrium

The Unknown Supercar

What sounds like a well balanced expansion hockey team from Michigan might actually be the next great supercar. A quick examination of the name reveals that “Shayton” is Sioux Indian for “Falcon”, which is the symbol of power, success, wisdom & victory. The definition of “Equilibrium” is the state of balance due to the equal action of opposing forces.

As for now, the Shayton Equilibrium is a digital rendering, but the company, located in Slovenia has very real plans to produce 20 copies a year of their bird of prey and release it on the unsuspecting supercar crowd.

The Spec Sheet

Curb weight for the Equilibrium is pegged at 2,600 (100 lbs lighter than a new VW Beetle), which can only be attained by using lightweight, yet rigid materials. Case in point; the chassis & rims are produced from a combination of titanium & carbon, while the bodywork is comprised of carbon fiber. The power to weight ratio is 2.398 lbs. per horsepower. The plan is for the engine to produce 1084 horse power and for good measure, will develop 685 ft-lb. of torque at 5,000 rpm’s.

The interior is both sporty and elegant, consisting of leather, alcantara (an artificial substitute for suede leather), carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, Recaro seats, and Bosch electronics. The interior is dominated by a driver focused cockpit architecture which means that everything is set up to ensure an ultimate driving experience when the Shayton Equilibrium is pushed to its limits.

The carbon fiber body panels provide both a lightweight & structurally sound exterior. The overall design is aggressive and predatory as the car’s name implies. The angles provide a stance that suggests that the car is ready to strike, while allowing low air resistance. The large side intakes will direct an enormous amount of air into the twin radiators, providing much needed cooling of the massive V12. Additionally, the louvered engine bay combined with the grated rear-end will aid in dissipating additional heat generated while the car is under speed.

Not much info exists on the engine except that it will be a V12 and will be mounted behind the driving compartment. One fact can be deduced… considering that Shayton is essentially a start-up, they will more than likely source the engine from an established auto-maker like Mercedes, BMW, Pagani, or Lamborghini. Regardless of the provider, the V12 should propel the 2,600 lb supercar from 0 to 60 in just 2.9 seconds with a projected top speed of 250 mph.

Pricing for the yet-to-be produced supercar is $1.4 million and the company is already accepting pre-orders. Hopefully the company behind the Shayton Equilibrium is able to see their digital dream become reality.